Friday, December 2, 2016

December Decluttering Goal: More Out Than In

I can see the light at the end of the Christmas preparations! The list is getting very small now, which means I'm starting to think what I really want for December. I really want time to relax and step away from the  outside world (umm...Facebook primarily).

In addition to making time for celebration and relaxation, I'm also making a December decluttering goal. I want to have less stuff in our home at the end of December than we had at the beginning. I think I may actually track this on a sheet of paper to keep my motivation up and know that I have really done it. Feel free to join me! I'll cheer for you.

I do know that December is a very busy time for so many of us. Decluttering seems like the last thing that needs to be done. But have you noticed that clutter is more noticeable in December? All the extra piles that need to be moved just so you can decorate. Or maybe you are having guests and the guest rooms needs to be cleared of clutter before they arrive!

Anything. I mean anything, you can declutter now in December will be well worth the effort. I'm making sure to get my donation space set aside, since the last box I used became full and has been donated! I usually make a final year donation in the last days of the year, so I already have a plan on when these new discards will leave.

A few ideas for decluttering in December:

  • Christmas decorations! You likely have some you won't put out, that have broken or you no longer like. Don't forget the lights that have burnt out. Those can be recycled at major home improvement stores. 
  • Gift wrap! I have a few gift bags that are my last resort gift bags and they never get used, so I think those will be high on my list to donate. Or maybe even you have been keeping too many gift boxes. Those can go, too. 
  • Extra cards! Or maybe you have last years cards that you received. It's okay to let them go, the sentiment was received and enjoyed for those moments. You don't need to save them long term. 
  • Toys!! I should have put this one first on the list. So many toys come in for children this time of year. If the children are very young, you can do this on your own. If they are older, you need to discuss the idea of the new coming in and the need to let some items go to make space for them. It doesn't hurt to mention other children don't always get that many gifts and would love a new to them toy. I honestly did a better job of decluttering toys with my girls AFTER the holiday. I think this was because the new items were visible and clearly better in their minds than the old! Just a guess, but it worked. 
  • Clothes! Get rid of any clothing you think you are saving for the holiday pictures or events that you know you don't want to wear. Why guilt yourself into wearing something again if it doesn't please you to wear it. 
Do you have plans to declutter in December? What is your motivation? 

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