Friday, December 9, 2016

December Decluttering Progress

I've been decluttering a little nearly every day this month. My goal, since I have completed my Christmas shopping, is to make sure more items go out of our house this month than come in. I'm not counting consumables, or gifts that will be going right back out to the recipient.

I've made myself a simple tally sheet showing the day of the month on the left of the paper in a column. Then two more columns to the right. One for the number of items that come in. And another for the items that leave. I like seeing how much is going out compared to coming in.

I've completed decluttering our guest room, the dining room and the kitchen. I've started on the bathrooms and two hallway closets. I've also found some random items in other areas of the home as well.

Here's some pictures of things that need to go. And yes, some of it is trash or recycling, but it all counts!

Extra cups, nearly empty food items, old food coloring, mini cupcake pan, measuring cup
(never used), strainer, towels, knives, disposable baking pan and a plastic cutting board. 

Pillows, gift bags, hanger, workout shorts, specialty tape, hair curlers, an ornament,
two Christmas decorations, plastic shelf, CDs for recycling, plastic bags, and a body wash sample.

Gift wrap, packing for recycling, old conditioner, plastic bin, plastic box, expired items (lotion, eye drops, suntan
lotion, lip balm), ornament, head massager, wax melts, battery votives (saved the batteries!),  and miniature figurine.
Here is my tally as of December 8.
Items In: 21
Items Out: 75

I can say that I am on track so far. I have more items leaving my home than are coming in. And that feels especially good to me. I'm noticing it also helps me appreciate what I do have as well. 

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  1. Good going! I'm wondering how many glasses we need per person? We've got a ton, think they'll be going soon.