Saturday, December 17, 2016

Shiny Is Festive

One night after dinner, I was in the mood to shine up our appliances. Dinner had been pancakes and my husband cleaned up the pans and bowl, so I guess I felt I needed to be doing something while he tackled that task. I grabbed a microfiber cloth and the cleaner recommended by our landlord and started with the refrigerator.

Within mere minutes the finger prints, streaks, water marks and foot splatters were gone! Next up was the microwave that really needed some cleaning on the inside. That meant taking soap and water and cleaning the platters on the bottom, as well as the sides and top.

And it was sparkly clean very quickly too!

Now the next appliance took longer. The stove top was in need of some deep cleaning to get rid of some of those burnt on foot deposits. I was on a roll, so I tackled this one too. 

It was worth the effort of using the razor blade provided in the stove top cleaning kit provided by the landlord. It does take a few times of going over it in some areas, and it still isn't perfect.

I think we can agree that my efforts here made it better! 

In my final minutes of cleaning, I wiped the dishwasher down with the stainless steel cleaner to get it just as shiny as all the other appliances. (And I just realized I didn't wipe down the ovens! Oops, next time I guess.)

It's funny how spending a little time shining up my appliances on this particular night actually made me feel a little festive! Must be the shiny effect! Do you feel festive by cleaning? 

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