Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Decluttering Bag by Bag: Bag 13

Decluttering Bag by Bag

Oh, I know a strange mix once again! 

The towel is stained, the fabric I won't use, the knives were decluttered from my kitchen in early February (I taped cardboard sleeves around them, so no one cuts themselves), scissors, a retainer case, and an Ott work light. 

I will probably sell the Ott work light on eBay. I used it some but found it was just better to sew during daylight then strain my eyes under a small lamp! 

I've filled 13 bags. Thirteen bags of things we don't use or need. Isn't that amazing? 

You can join in and fill a bag anytime. Please share here or on Organized Friends Facebook page.


  1. Yep! I have to try and get a bag for today.

    1. I just found an old raincover for a buggy (haven't used a buggy in years!) and some clothes that were stained. #15 I think?