Friday, March 3, 2017

Decluttering Bag by Bag: Bag 15

Decluttering Bag by Bag

Ha. Ha. I'm decluttering toys! 
My daughters are 16 and 19. 

I was saving this pop up tent and tunnel 'just in case'! In case of what? Well, yes, guests with young children. And they have been used for that. However, we have other items to play with that could be used for young children. These are bulky and could be used by someone else now, rather than taking up space. 

I bought the tent new probably 15 years ago. And shortly after I found a tunnel at Goodwill and paid $2.95. Lots of use for less than $3. I wonder what Goodwill would sell it for today?

Oh, and see, I kind of fit it in the bag. I even found the instructions on how to fold the tent back up! Someone is going to be thrilled to find this at the thrift store.

Fifteen bags full of stuff we no longer need. Remember, I was inspired by vloggers on You Tube that had done a 30 bags in 30 days challenge last year in April. I'm still not sure that I will make it to 30 bags, it feels like it is getting harder to find stuff! I'll keep plugging along. If I slow down posting at some point, you will know why! 

Did anyone else manage 15 bags yet? It's not to late to fill just one small bag! 

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  1. I'm at 17,i think? I'd love to get to 30!Young kids will play with anything :)