Thursday, March 9, 2017

Decluttering Bag by Bag: Bag 19

Decluttering Bag by Bag

Here I am with another bag of random items! Have you noticed decluttering isn't always neat and tidy? That is just the way of it. This bag is full of cat items no longer used because our cat who loved them died in December. Our other cat isn't interested and we are keeping a few other toys for sentimental reasons. 

Also in the bag are some items found on my husband's night stand. We don't need adapters we don't use, broken phone cases, extra buttons or key chains. 

And finally, the dessert decorating tool. It was a gift to my daughter, she really doesn't use it anymore, so when asked she did agree it could go. Someone will be happy to find that at the thrift store I'm sure! 

Show me your most random decluttering bag! I know you have one. 

Today was bag 19 in this decluttering series!

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