Thursday, March 16, 2017

Minimalism: Beauty Products

I'm sharing my toothbrush with you today! 

The point is to show the limited items I have that I use daily to get ready for the day, or evening. I will say I am a bit blessed to have skin that doesn't dry out or break out (anymore) too easily. I keep it simple with soap and witch hazel (shown below). 

Notice there is floss (happen to have three I'm working on), toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, contact case, glasses with case, deodorant, mousse, comb, tweezers, hair band, nail file, and chapstick. 

My makeup is in the blue and white zippered pouch in the back. I don't wear make up on a regular basis, primarily because of the chemicals in them. But before I stopped wearing it, I kept it simple with foundation, powder, one lipstick, one eyeliner, one makeup brush, one blush, and one eye shadow palette. I don't wear mascara because...contacts! 

The picture above, shows my extra items stored below the sink. Oh, there's the witch hazel lower right corner. Extra mouse, coconut oil, glide, more toothpaste, a mirror, razor blades, a lip balm and two hair products I should probably toss. 

Behind the basket is the make up bag I take on trips. It has a pill container, a small toothpaste and a plastic bag for my liquids. 

And finally, I store my hair dryer under the sink next to the cat food! :)

In the shower, I have my soap,  shampoo, conditioner and my razor. I do bring my wide tooth comb in the shower, as that is how I comb my curly hair. Never brush curly hair! 

Hmm...seems like a long post! But I do keep the products I use to a minimum. And there are probably a lot of products on the market that I don't use at all! 

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