Monday, March 27, 2017

Minimalism: My Clothes

Want to look in my closet? Want to see how unfashionable I am? Let's go take a look. 

Remember, I don't work outside the home, so my need to dress up is nearly non existent. First notice that I have five pairs of shoes in my hanging shoe holder. I have a pair of sneakers, too, that are not shown. I honestly would like to add at least one pair, as I did just let one go sometime in the last month with all this decluttering. Those shoes were just too worn to be wearing any longer! 

As you can see, I hang my workout shirts because in my world all shirts get hung on hangers. Try to look close and see how few hangers there really are. That will give you an idea about the clothes I have. I didn't count them, as it isn't about the numbers for me. It's about having just what I need. 

On the shelves above my clothes are shorts, capris jeans, and my pajamas. Notice how those aren't full? Just enough. 

Now let's look in my under things drawer. I spared you the view of my underwear! Lots of socks and just a couple bras. I do laundry regularly, so no worry about running out. :)

This is the last spot you would find my clothes, the second drawer of my dresser. Workout pants and shorts, long underwear tops and bottoms, fleece pants and my swimsuit! 

What do you think? Enough clothes? Not enough? Too much? 

It is a personal decision, but I like that what I have doesn't feel like clutter. I can easily find what I need when I need it. 


  1. I think that's enough. I need to sort out my clothes.

  2. Thanks for a peek in your closet. The photo reveals much of your philosophy. At the moment we're betwixt and between, mostly warm winter garments with an odd section of freshly washed, lightweight, summer pastels appropriate for August temperatures as a result of our recent trip to SE Asia. It's far too cold to remove winter garb, we still get brief flurries.
    I'd been taught the value of a 'capsule' wardrobe in high school and found it effective as I shifted through different careers and lifestyles. Using the methodology outlined in 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,' has been amazingly efficient for managing both DH and my wardrobes to make certain we have what is needed, when it's needed. It helps us identify and donate what is not worn and therefore not needed. It has certainly made me more confident in selecting what will work best going forward and the change in spending is totally amazing!

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