Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Coffee Pot

It's Spring! Time to clean out the coffee pot.

This is probably at least a month or quarterly task, but I'm ashamed to say it has been too long since I did a clean out of our coffee pot. I'm probably old school with a drip coffee maker, since Keurig's are all the rage now. 

I filled the decanter will half water, and half vinegar and ran it through a brewing cycle. 

I even put in a filter which did accumulate a few little bits, but may not have been needed.

The reading I did online recommended stopping the brewing cycle half way through to let the vinegar water mixture set. I did do this for one cycle, but ended up doing a couple more and skipped that portion on the last two times. The area that really needed cleaning was the water reservoir. I had to put a paper towel down there and move it around with a butter knife to get in the crevices. The final step is too run plain water through it one last time.

Do you clean your coffee brewing system regularly? If not, spring is a great time to get it done. Maybe you could do this one night during dinner preparations. 

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  1. Since compression bags are stored under our bed, I'd planned to move the bed out from the walls for annual spring clean concurrently with changing out winter garb for spring/summer. Weather is not co operating with that plan and when I moved the bed out to change the dust ruffle, I found [dusty] missing dog toys. 1st spring cleaning task completed. Pulled beds out from walls in all 4 bdrms, vacuumed baseboards and changed to spring pastel linens and woven blankets. Will run quilts, one by one in dryer to 'Air,' tomorrow. We wrestle these into compression bags as soon as there is no longer threat of snow.