Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Using the Floor for Storage

I've noticed lately that my daughter stores things on her floor. And for a really long time, too!

I'm going to share a few pictures to show what I mean.

The pile on the floor to the side of her desk! It's been sitting there for months. I know what is in it: cooling towel, string bag, lanyard, a photo in a frame, and several marching band programs. It is actually all related to marching band, so that's good. But this seems to have become her storage area for these items. 

She is storing her new purse and her newest latch hook rug on the floor in front of her dresser. 

There is a lot of stuff being stored in this area above. I'm not sure that any of it really needs to change, as I understand why her flutes and music are all near her music stand. 

Let's talk about her closet floor. She has current clean clothes in her laundry basket, dirty clothes on the floor, and this pile of clean clothes (shown above) that are not current clothes she is wearing. I would put all the clean clothes in the dresser, but she seems to like her system. My daughter's room is one area I have decided is hers to handle. I'm more than willing to help if asked. She does know what I prefer, so for now it all stays as is. 

I do wonder if she is a bit blind to some of the piles on the floor? Do you think that you have piles on the floor that you have become blind or unaware of? For me it feels better to keep piles of clutter from forming on the floor. It's just visually more appealing for me.

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  1. Yes, in our room. It desperately needs some TLC