Friday, April 28, 2017

Keeping It Real

I do my best to keep my posts real. Real life. Mess and clutter happen to us all. So I thought it best to insert the real clutter that sits in my home.

With all the bags of decluttering I did earlier this year, I was able to get most of them out of the house. But some items still linger. In our guest room. I do see these items daily as I walk by to use the restroom. But I haven't dealt with the final get them to leave!

Using bags and boxes are not the decor style I'm going for at all! 

Life comes up. I ended the eBay listings for a few items when we went away on a trip. I have not reposted. I'm not sure I will. And then I thought I'd put a few of the good items out at a neighbor's garage sale this weekend. But she isn't sure she is really doing it yet. So I wait a little longer. 

I hope you can see that it is clutter despite it not being a lot. We all have clutter, some of us less than others. I've found during my decluttering and minimizing journey that the less I have the lighter I feel, and the less time I spend moving stuff around to clean or locate things. My end goal is to have time to spend doing what brings me joy.  I have figured out my true joy isn't digging through my stuff all the time. I will admit I do like to the feeling decluttering brings, and I'm especially joyful when I hear from others who have decluttered and experienced the same feeling. 

Please post anytime here or on the Organized Friends Facebook page. Show the mess. Show the tidy. It's all good to share to inspire others. 

P.S. I think I still have a few bags to declutter to meet my 30 bag goal. I will get there and share it when it finally happens. 

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