Sunday, June 4, 2017

30 Minutes of Zone Cleaning

I've been watching quite a few people on YouTube follow Fly Lady's zone cleaning method. It's inspiring to see how much they get done. And often in very little time. I'm not sure that I will be following it exactly to a T yet, but I thought I'd share my first attempt at zone cleaning.

Fly Lady has zone one for the first days of the month to include the front porch, entry way and dining room. The days for June would specifically be June 1-4. I didn't do anything specific to these zones on the first two days of the month.

On June 3rd, after I cleaned up dinner, I set my microwave timer for 30 minutes to start tackling some of the items on zone one. Here's what I accomplished:

Front Porch

  • Swept concrete porch floor
  • Knocked wasp nest down
  • Wiped down front door (lots of pollen removed!)

Entry Way

  • Dusted ceilings with wool duster
  • Vacuumed entry rug

Dining Room

  • Dusted ceilings with wool duster
  • Dusted dining room light fixture
  • Swapped out used placemats with new ones
  • Dusted dining table
  • Dusted all eight dining room chairs

Yes, all accomplished in 30 minutes. I was moving fast! My zones are not complete at all. But since I have one more day, I plan to spend at least another 30 minutes in the same zones tomorrow.

Do you follow Fly Lady? Have you heard of zone cleaning?

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