Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Inspirational Reading

I found some articles this week that I hope may be inspirational on your decluttering journey. Thanks for reading and being part of the Organized Friends family!

A Guide to Letting Go of Sentimental Things
This one makes me think of my year books. They are very heavy clutter. I keep thinking what if...but the truth is I think I can be okay if they go. I did after all donate my wedding dress and found much peace in that process.

The One Thing Standing Between You and Simplicity
What we really want are the side effects that simplicity and organization provide. We have to know why we want it.

How To Declutter Your Home in Ten Minutes A Day
I did the math. Ten minutes a day for 30 hours adds up to five hours of decluttering time! And if you go with 300 days in a year, decluttering just ten minutes a day is 50 hours of decluttering. That is more than a full time work week of effort. I'd rather do that kind of decluttering than committing a weeks worth of vacation time to decluttering!

A Time To Clean (30 Day Challenge)
If you read the article I love her reference to Ecclesiastes 3: 6,7. There is a time for everything, even decluttering and cleaning!

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