Thursday, June 15, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Guest Bathroom

I was on top of it today, and did my 15 minutes of zone cleaning early! I am in the guest bathroom which is on the main level of the home. I gathered my supplies first, took this picture and set my timer for 15 minutes. I mostly worked from top to bottom and clockwise.

Here's what I accomplished:
  • Dusted light fixture
  • Dusted top of mirror
  • Cleaned sink and counter top
I went to go dust the fan cover and the light fixture on the ceiling only to realize I can't reach them because the ceiling is so tall! I don't think they were too dusty anyway. 
  • Dusted picture frame
  • Cleaned toilet inside and out (including the base near the floor)
  • Dusted top of shower insert, curtain rod and shower head
  • Rinsed the tub (it's rarely used)
  • Dusted towel bar
  • Wiped down baseboards
  • Wiped down bathroom door
At this point only 11 minutes had expired! I finished up by wiping the cabinet doors inside and out. I also had to time to pull the items stored under the counter out so I could do a quick wiped down of the inside of the cabinet.

There were a few minor things I did not do that would be considered detailed cleaning:
  • Dust for cobwebs
  • Clean out the cabinet drawers
But yes, just fifteen minutes! It helps it is a small bathroom and rarely used. Tomorrow I'm moving on to a third room for some detail cleaning. I'll do what I can get done in 15 minutes. 

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  1. This is such good modeling for us who can hold a belief that we don't have enough time. Actually, we have all the time we need to do what we came to do. Thanks for showing how much can get done in a short period of time!