Monday, June 19, 2017

Zone Cleaning: In the Master Bedroom Bathroom & Closet

FlyLady says Zone 4 (week four of the month) is detailed cleaning in the Master bedroom, bathroom and closet. And that is where I am this week, too. She always suggests decluttering first. If your master bedroom is cluttered AND needs to be clean it would better to work for just 15 minutes each day decluttering BEFORE you worry about cleaning. 

I listened to a video on YouTube while I did my cleaning today. It was only 13 minutes long, but I finished up very quickly after it stopped.

Here is what I accomplished:
  • Dusted master ceiling for cobwebs
  • Dusted master bathroom and toilet room ceilings for cobwebs
  • Dusted master walk in closet ceiling for cobwebs

Those tasks listed above took all of five minutes using my wool duster that is on a stick, making it easy to reach while standing on the floor.

The last 10 minutes involved bending down to dust the baseboards in all the rooms stated above. I did move some furniture slightly, when I could, to get the dust behind them. The closet baseboards had the most dust, which surprised me a bit. I did hit all four doors for dusting while I was at it as well. And there is a mirror in our closet behind a door that I wiped down as well.

I'll be back tomorrow in these same rooms tomorrow to do some more detailed cleaning. I'm really liking that I only have to work for 15 minutes a day. For me, once I'm cleaning I can actually find it hard to find a stopping point...and then I wear myself out. That's no fun!

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