Monday, June 12, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Main Bathroom (The Basics)

It's Zone Three of Fly Lady cleaning this week, where she suggests doing detailed cleaning for 15 minutes each day covering the main bathroom and one other room. I decided, for now, that my girl's bathroom is the main bathroom. I do want to change this, and hand it back over to them. I figured I'd get it spic and span before I do, so they are starting with a clean slate.

Please remember I'm new to Fly Lady. And I am definitely NOT doing this in the correct order. She has 30 baby steps to start first. And decluttering is a big part of that. As you know, my decluttering is very minimal at this point since we have reduce so many of our belongings. 

Today, I set my timer for 15 minutes. Here is what I accomplished:

  • Started load of laundry with dirty towels and rugs
  • Replaced towels
  • Washed and shined mirror
  • Washed counter and sink
  • Cleaned toilet inside and out
  • Cleaned shower
It was a bit funny because, about ten minutes into the cleaning session one of my daughter's was coming in to take a shower. I told her she had to wait until I was done cleaning. That really spurred me on to get the job done before my timer went off! And I did it with about 30 seconds to spare.

Most of what I did today is probably considered weekly cleaning. I needed to start there so I could continue with some detail cleaning later this week. 

Fly Lady has a routine where you should swish and swipe every day. Swish and swipe as I understand it is a quick spot clean of the kitchen sinks and counters, the mirror and toilet. Again, she suggests this daily. I'm definitely not at that point yet, but I can see how it could be very helpful. 

I decided after the 15 minutes spent in the girl's bathroom that I would set a timer to see how long it might take me to swish and swipe in our master bath because it really did need it. It was a bit more than a spot clean, but it took be 7 minutes and 40 seconds. 

Done for today! See you back in the bathroom tomorrow for a bit more deep cleaning. 

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  1. These have been helpful, Carrie. It helps me put time and productivity in perspective! I'm going to keep my timer in mind for daily and now and then tasks that I can believe I have no time for. It's really that I need to generate a willingness!