Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Main Bathroom Cupboards & Drawers

It's my final day in the main bathroom, the girl's bathroom, doing detailed cleaning. I set the timer for just 15 minutes! Yep, anyone can do this. It's only 15 minutes at a time.

First a brief look at the areas before:

There are two drawers, but I only photographed one. 

This is before, but yes, this is what under the sink can look like after decluttering! 

Here is what I accomplished in my fifteen minutes:

  • Vacuumed hair and dust under counter
  • Damp wiped cabinet floor and insides of doors
  • Wiped down the outsides of cabinets and drawer fronts
  • Removed items from drawers
  • Vacuumed hair and dust from drawers
  • Damp wiped the drawers and containers inside
  • Put everything away
  • Wiped the sink out
  • Quick vacuum of floor for hair and dust that fell during cleaning
I did check a few items while cleaning for expiration, but found none. I did find two items that could be recycled. 

I wonder if my daughter will notice I didn't put it all back exactly the same?!

And yes, this was actually slightly less than 15 minutes. I was able to put my items away before the timer went off. 

This zone cleaning is based on FlyLady, but I'm not following her steps exactly. She has 30 days of baby steps that I may go back and do at some point. I also know she does suggest decluttering before worrying about detailed zone cleaning. If you are overwhelmed know that anything you do to improve your home in 15 minutes each day is going to help! Each day will build on the others over time. I'm cheering for you where ever you are!


  1. And p.s...inspiring to see what can happen in a short period of time!