Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Main Bathroom Dusting

Hello Organized Friends!

I'm back in the main bathroom today. I set the timer for 15 minutes and this is what I accomplished:

  • Dusted the light fixtures
  • Cleaned off the fan cover (took off to do this)
  • Dusted top edge of mirror

  • Dusted shower curtain rod
  • Dusted top of shower enclosure
  • Wiped off shower head
  • Removed fabric shower curtain for washing

  • Dusted door 
  • Wiped baseboards

I was nearly done with the baseboards when the timer went off. I reset it for 15 minutes. I finished baseboards two minutes later. And then spent another two minutes putting the clean rugs from yesterday back on floor and replacing the empty tissue box. 

I did have to rinse the tub a bit after knocking so much dust from the top edge of the shower into it, but that was quick too. 

Total hands on time doing detailed cleaning was just 19 minutes!

I will be back in the bathroom tomorrow, as I have two to three more things I would like to do. 

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