Friday, June 23, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Master Bathroom

It's still week four of FlyLady zone cleaning. I'm in the master bedroom, bath and closet. Today, I spent my 15 minutes of detail cleaning in the master bathroom.

I set my timer as always and this is what I got done:

  • Wiped cabinet and drawer fronts 
  • Vacuumed inside cabinets
  • Wiped inside cabinets
  • Vacuumed inside drawer (it's easier to get all the hair!)
  • Wiped down plastic bins
  • Put all items I took out back in 
Ick...these do get dirty!

In the last twenty seconds on the clock, I refilled the cat's food container with the last of food that was in the bag under my sink. 

I can see why this detailed cleaning works. This is stuff that if you try to group it with your regular cleaning will only seem to make the job that much longer and harder. And you will keep avoiding it, or I might. If you set up a few minutes for a couple days of month to get to the extra deeper/detailed cleaning it is a very easy job. 

I might have 15 more minutes of work in this zone tomorrow. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. CyberClean is great for the corners of the doors. I use it all the time in detailed cleaning.