Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Zone Cleaning: Master Bedroom Closet

Today I spent my 15 minutes of zone cleaning, also known as detailed cleaning, in the Master bedroom closet. After wiping down the baseboards the other day, I realized how much dust was in there. The whole closet needed a dusting.

I started a 17 minute YouTube video to listen to while I worked, and I did work just a few minutes beyond that. Listening to something else makes the time go very fast for me.

I used a chair to stand on to get the top shelves. I moved around the room top to bottom and counterclockwise using my microfiber cloth to removed all dust. I moved the things in each space and dusted, then neatly put them back. I did not unload the entire closet first to dust. There would not have been enough time and it would have been more effort than was needed.

I did dust items that resided on the shelves as needed, such as the bins, flag frame and picture albums. It may sound like overkill to dust a closet, but this is detailed cleaning, and in this case the closet really needed it. We've lived here two years and it has never been deep cleaned.

I expect to be in the Master bathroom next for my 15 minutes of zone cleaning.

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