Monday, June 5, 2017

Zone One Cleaning: Another 30 Minutes

Yesterday, a beautiful Sunday morning, I got dressed and set the timer for 30 minutes for more Zone One cleaning. I had been up at least two hours lounging around prior, so I don't want it to seem like I popped out of bed with motivation to clean. Maybe someday!

Here's what I accomplished in 30 minutes:

Front Porch
  • Dusted cobwebs from ceiling and railings
  • Pulled weeds in the front beds
  • Knocked down another wasp nest!
  • Wiped pollen and dirt off window shutters
  • Wiped dust/dirt from columns

  • Dusted front door
  • Dusted baseboards and closet door

Dining Room
  • Dusted picture frame
  • Dusted white paneling and baseboards

The timer did go off just before I finished the entryway baseboards. I did finish the last minutes worth despite the timer going off. And there are quite a few things that didn't get done in these zones. If I had another day I would tackle them, but it is time to move to Zone Two, which I will discuss tomorrow. 

Here's what I didn't get done:

Front porch
  • Wash windows (dining room and front door transom)
  • Dust light fixture
  • Declutter closet 
  • Wash inside of transom window
Dining Room
  • Dust blinds
  • Clean window
Next month I expect that some of the things I did this month won't need to be done which will leave more time for getting to the things I didn't get to. For example, I won't need to dust for cobwebs, or dust the light fixture in the dining room, so I will have time for washing the window and dusting the blinds. Zone cleaning doesn't require you to do all tasks every month, but gives you the opportunity to do some of the deeper cleaning we put off in small amounts. If I'm not mistaken, one could eventually tackle some areas of the home in just fifteen minutes. And if you don't have 30 minutes to work on cleaning everyday, you might consider just 15 minutes. And maybe even every other day. 

See you tomorrow to discuss Zone Two!

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