Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Zone Two Cleaning: Kitchen Backsplash & More

After several days of doing thirty minutes of cleaning, I can say I don't think 30 minutes is for everyone. I can see where even just mentally thinking of thirty minutes can be overwhelming. I made a mental note of what I accomplished in the first fifteen minutes to give you an idea of what can be accomplished.

Also remember I'm just beginning the zone cleaning. I have some deep cleaning things that have been neglected since at least 2016 when I did my Spring Cleaning. So some of what you see me doing will not be done every month or even every other month when I'm in each zone.

My original intention was to work just on the lower cabinets today. I changed my mind after noticing the oil and food splattered on the tile backsplash when I was cleaning the upper cabinets yesterday. It wasn't terrible, but I'm not sure if I've ever washed them all since we moved in two years ago.

Here's what was accomplished today, broken down by two fifteen minute increments.

First fifteen minutes

  • Filled sink with soapy water
  • Moved items away from back of counter
  • Washed and dried all the tile backsplash 
  • Rinsed bowl holding onions
  • Wiped down coconut oil jar
  • Wiped down base of blender (this took at least five minutes)

Second fifteen minutes
  • Wiped all down all vitamin bottles on counters
  • Dumped crumbs from toaster
  • Wiped down outside of toaster
  • Dumped crumbs from spice basket
  • Wiped down spice jars in the basket
  • Wiped down coffee maker
  • Wiped down Kitchen Aide mixer
  • Wiped down lower cabinets under stove top

So tomorrow I will get to the other lower cabinets. At least that is the plan right now. Part of me wants to keep working, but I know that results in burnout. I can still see dirt and smudges on my appliances and the stove top needs to be cleaned as well. But I also can see the what I did clean and it looks great! Since I only committed 30 minutes to this area, I now have plenty of time in my day to enjoy other things. 

Do you wipe down your backsplash regularly, or have you neglected yours as well? 

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