Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zone Two Cleaning: Kitchen Cabinets

I've moved on to Zone Two. As I understand it this is the kitchen.

I'm not following the FlyLady exactly right. Her website is confusing! And I've read that others find her emails overwhelming because she sends several PER DAY. Yikes!! Life is too short to be overwhelmed and bogged down by cleaning. We need to do what we can knowing that our homes don't get dirty in one day, thus they can't be cleaned in one day either. Anything we can do will make an improvement in most cases.

Today I set my timer again. For thirty minutes. I may try 15 minutes a few times this week and see how that goes. I definitely have the time and stamina for 30 minutes, but those of you reading might like to see the difference in what can be accomplished in different amounts of time.

I pulled out my wool duster, a microfiber cloth, dusting spray and a chair to stand on. This gathering of supplies is included in the time.

Here is what I accomplished:

  • Dusted crown moulding in Kitchen and attached dining area (although used as an office)
  • Dusted and wiped down upper cabinets of entire kitchen
  • Dusted the two light fixtures that hang over the kitchen sink
  • Dusted top of refrigerator
  • Wiped down fronts of two lower drawers
It's a short list but to thoroughly get the cabinets cleaned it did take most of my thirty minutes. When I finished the cabinets I had just under four minutes to do those lower drawers, tidy up and put away my cleaning supplies.

I think tomorrow the lower cabinets will take more time. They are dirty! 

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