Thursday, June 8, 2017

Zone Two Cleaning: Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Zone cleaning is about detailed cleaning. It may not be the place to jump in if you are overwhelmed. If you don't have control of dishes, laundry and basic vacuuming and dusting then it is important to focus on those habits first. The FlyLady has baby steps that you can work on over a 30 day period to develop these habits.

My thirty minutes went fast today and I only have one thing to report that I accomplished. I cleaned the rest of the lower kitchen cabinets. And the reason for that is the dirt and grime I encountered. I think I deep cleaned these at least once since in the last two years we have lived here. And I've seen my husband clean the upper cabinets, but I'm starting to wonder if he ever touches the lower ones! The point is they were in need of cleaning and it took time.

Do you see the dust and crumbs there on the edge of the cabinets and the crumbs on the floor. Yep, that is real. We all have dirt and grime. I've noticed it keeps coming back. The only way to get rid of it is to keep wiping it away! 

I filled my sink with soapy water and used my new microfiber cloths to wipe the cabinet doors (front and back). I set my timer and turned on my computer to listen to videos while I worked.

The cabinets are pretty clean now. Probably not perfect, but who cares, they are much better than when I started. My plan tomorrow is to clean the appliances. I will do the outsides, and I may do the interiors of the oven and microwave. And maybe the fridge. That seems like more than I can accomplish in 30 minutes. 

Do you regularly clean your kitchen cabinets? When was the last time you cleaned yours?


  1. Recently I went around my kitchen, and went one line per day for four days to make the complete square. I cleaned the cabinets, drawers and baseboards. It was a big job, but was do-able because I had a plan. Then, because I have plenty of cabinet space, I reorganized cabinets so I have a: 1) Tupperware cabinet, 2) a glass cabinet (for plates and glass casserole containers and glass measuring cups, 3) a pot and pan cabinet. At first I put post-its on the outside of cabinets so those emptying dishwasher will know where to put things back, but I think they are all trained now, so the post-its are gone.

  2. Yes a plan makes all the difference! And I like the way you used post its to train the family!! Brilliant.