Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cleaning Up the Garage

The nice weather this week FINALLY motivated me to get out to the garage and clean up out there. The garage is one of our cluttered spaces, which I showed you last month. After the time I spent out there it looks much better. I even have a large pile for the garage sale!

Here are the before probably too many before pictures.

Not bad...from a distance


Dead doorbell...hooks to go INSIDE

Cabinet has things in those open drawers...the rest are EMPTY!

It has been decided I will NOT make things with pallet boards


Styrofoam to Donate

Bench is clutter magnet...half this stuff is going away!

Cannot walk here...and gee another pallet

 Again, I realized this is not the most unorganized space you will ever see. However, it is cluttered. There are things that need to go, things that need to be put away, and generally just tidied up to make things more useful.

During my time in the garage, I combined two containers of the same type of bug spray. I  pulled many things to one side of the garage for the garage sale, including that styrofoam. If some items don't sell (like that pallet) they are going to be donated or trashed during the city wide clean up day. I put more things in the cabinet and have now filled another five drawers and the shelf at the bottom. Since I moved things into the cabinet, I was able to move paint to the shelf unit and get rid of one of those crates on the shelf unit. I was moving around a lot, back and forth around the garage getting things where they needed to go.

I decided we didn't need two brooms, pool noodles, a sled, snow toys, the shop vac from my parents, shelves from my parents, a bat house (new), a broken tomato cage, a fan, tiki torches from my parents, the pallets, two light fixtures, old seeds, and much more.

I did send a few things inside, but I expect that I will bring more things from the basement to put in that cabinet. I hope to free up at least one bin in the basement by putting things in the cabinet. I also hope to label the cabinet drawers once I have more things in there. Right now there are garden gloves in one drawer, so a label would help us find them, as well as, put them back when we are done.

Ready for the after pictures? Of course, you are!

I now have a designer garage...seating with pillows!

Better...still a bit cluttered in the corner

No pallet boards with nails to step on!

Cleared on top and in front of cabinet!

Down to one crate, need to sort that metal toolbox 

Got the paint on the shelves

Garage sale stuff

More garage sale stuff
I'm actually starting to look forward to the garage sale since I know that much of the things will be taken away and that I will have cash!! I do like cash. Also, anything left will get donated or trashed. It is not going back into a corner of my garage.

If you are here from A Bowl Full of Lemons , please take some time to check out my other posts. There is plenty of inspiration!

Do you have designer seating in your garage? Do you clean out your garage once a year, or more often? What else do you see that I might be able to put in those cabinet drawers?

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  1. You've done a wonderful job of organizing your garage. I hope it's ok to suggest 'labels' for different categories. I've found that helped us all put stuff back so similar items stay together. I'm trying to make it easier to put stuff away so we can get what we need when we need it without a search party.

  2. Thank you! I expect I will put labels on the cabinet drawers. I have also found the fewer things we have the easier things are to find!