Monday, May 19, 2014

The Basement AFTER the Garage Sale

We had a small garage sale on Saturday. In preparation I needed to use a board from the storage shelves in the basement to lay over some saw horses. Makes a decent table if you need one! This required me to unload the shelf. I still didn't have enough room for the stuff I was getting rid of so I also emptied a light weight storage shelf as well.

I did a great job boxing up nearly everything (I kept half a bin for Ebay) that didn't sell.  I even took the excess  to Goodwill and Habitat ReStore on the same day as the sale. Unfortunately, I did not get the basement put back together.

I'm going to post pictures to remind you that even though I'm organized, I'm not perfect all the time. I'm also posting the pictures as motivation for me to get that area put back together this week. I even need to finish moving some things to the garage to put in my metal cabinet (and label the drawers!). I honestly don't think this project will take me very long, an hour at the most? I mean it only took five minutes to pull all that stuff off the shelves in the first place! are the pictures as promised.

Is a space you just organized become messy again? What is your plan to get on top of it again?

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