Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Groceries & A Craft

It has been a pretty productive week getting some of my holiday tasks done. Today, I was able to accomplish several things.

I cleaned the kitchen floor and vacuumed the carpet upstairs. Clearly these are tasks that need to be done regardless of the holiday. It seems sometimes the focus on the holiday tasks put the everyday tasks on a back burner. Of course, this is okay, but I feel better when I can keep up on the tasks I normally do while in the midst of holiday planning.

I purchased groceries for the upcoming short week and the holiday. I was motivated by Super Target's coupon in this week's ad that offers a $10 gift card for purchasing $50 worth of groceries. I did score one! I plan to go back tomorrow to see if I can meet the minimum again with the remaining items I need. It would be really nice if I don't have to step foot in another grocery store until the end of November!

I started a craft. This is definitely not a planned task, but I was inspired by Pinterest. I have a piece of barn wood that we cut in half to use for one project (which is not yet done, or started) and I decided the other half would become a sign. I printed out large letters, cut them out, traced them with pencil where I wanted them to be on the piece of wood. I then found a paint pen to make the lines more noticeable. The next step is to fill the letters in with paint, and sand a bit if needed. I will prop this up outside near my faux tomato cage tree.

Here's what the sign looks like so far:

My rustic barn wood sing: JOY

Are you keeping up with your regular tasks while working a little bit on holiday planning? Did you take advantage of a recent deal? Will you make any crafts or decorations for the holiday?

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