Friday, January 16, 2015

End the Week On a Good Note

My day yesterday started out great! Upon waking and realizing I was the last one out of the bed, I decided to wash sheets right away and skip making the bed (well until after the sheets were washed). I even ran down to our basement to get the guest sheets from last week off the beds! Once I had the washer going, I took five minutes to unload the dishwasher and reload it with breakfast dishes that were already piling up. It felt great to get started on a task so early in the day.

As the morning progressed, I continued to move sheets from beds, to washer, to dryer and back to the beds. The guests sheets are still on my staging area, ready to go back to the basement. And after all that, I was done! I didn't have the energy (or interest really) to do any more cleaning tasks. 

We have a move coming up and I have found myself distracted by looking at schools and houses to rent or buy. It's exhausting to take in all that information! I did manage to pay bills and go through just two files and discard about 10 pieces of paper. Those files, plus those potentially sentimental ones from my girls school days are still sitting on my coffee table. I even have some unopened mail!

My plan is to end the week on a good note. I want to accomplish more than I did today. My girls are home from school and we have one errand to run and pick up groceries. In addition to those tasks, I plan to do the following so I can maybe relax a little this weekend:
  • Wash and dry bath towels
  • Thin down school files
  • Tidy guest room
  • Sweep kitchen floor
  • Complete a college task with daughter
It is tempting to put more tasks on the list, but I think that will be plenty! If I find myself wanting to accomplish more, I will work on a master list for our move.

I hope to be back tomorrow with another weekend challenge idea, different levels to pick what is right for you! If for some reason it doesn't get posted, consider at least not buying MORE stuff over the weekend. 

Have a super Friday! I hope you can end your week on a great note too. 

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  1. Hauling sheets around the house really is unpleasant. Pulling them off the bed requires moving all the blankets, and then washing them, and by the time they're dry and ready to go, I've lost all "oopmh" I had in the first place. I always have awesome plans of leaving them in the dryer, though, until bed time, and taking them out and making the bed just in time, so that they still might have some heat from the dryer to go to sleep with? Hasn't worked out yet, ha!