Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday 15 - February 18, 2015

The Wednesday 15!

I'm challenging you to find 15 items you can remove from your home, preferably not just basic household trash, but if you must it can count too. Is there a penalty for not meeting the goal? Of course not. One thing is better than none, right? Is there a reward for meeting the goal. Yes, the joy of finding more space in your home for things you love. Notice how you feel letting these items go that you just don't need. Often it is a feeling of satisfaction and peace. 

Here we are again! It is the middle of the week. And it's time to go looking for 15 items in your home you no longer need. It may be clothes, junk in your purse or a drawer, it could be a project you long ago abandoned, or maybe there is a decoration in your home you no longer love.

Feel free to share in the comments what your fifteen items are! If you are a member of Organized Friends on Facebook you can share pictures of the items you have decluttered. 

I found about one third of my items while digging through photo boxes. I didn't go there specifically looking for items to declutter. It was just a result of a project I will share tomorrow. What I found in there were two small photo frames, an insert to a photo album, and a postcard. The rest just came from various places around my home in the last day or so. I found dried out wall board compound while getting some walls fixed. I'm pretty sure it is useful to no one, so I will trash it. 

I opened up a craft bin and found tangled beads to toss and dried up rubber cement. In cleaning out some home decor samples I found counter top samples and plant markers to let go of. And when I went to find a new pencil, I found one left in the cardboard box, so time for the box to go. The picture mat was found in my daughter's art bins we tackled on Monday. I think only four items (all picture related) will get donated, the rest is trash!

I hope this is the weirdest selection I ever show on Wednesday 15. It really is a strange assortment. None of it really takes up much space, but it sure doesn't need to hang around here!

Where did you find your Wednesday 15 today?


  1. In my two year old's room. I like how you find different stuff, I think it shows you really have a minimal amount to declutter.

    1. It might get really hard for me to find things soon! But there's always something to get rid of it seems.

  2. I actually forgot that today was Wednesday for most of the day! So I managed to totally space that this was a thing today. I got some cleaning and organizing done, though, so not a total loss!

    I hope, though, that this *isn't* the weirdest selection of stuff to show on a Wednesday! I love how it's stuff from all over the home - keeps things interesting, and realistic! :D

    1. I'm glad you don't need me to prompt you to clean and organize. Are you saying you want a collection of stuff that is even more odd?! Yes, it is from all over the house.