Monday, October 23, 2017

Getting Things Done: Sewing A Tree Skirt

This is one of those things I have intended to do for at least two Christmases. It might be three. We purchased a second tree a few years back and I never bought a tree skirt for it. My intention has always been that I likely could make one for less than I could buy one. And I think that is true although I know you can get them on clearance and sales, but you also have to like it!

This was the year where I thought ahead and realized this month would be a great time to get that done and ready before Christmas arrives!

Liberty loves tree skirts, so she had to check this one out!
It seems she approves. 

I did take three different trips to the store to find all the items I needed, as well as to take advantage of coupons. I spent approximately $17 for the items I needed. I had the red ribbon and the thread already on hand.

I also had some hesitation picking out the fabrics. What if they aren't right? Maybe I should come back another day! That kind of hesitation. I think it helped that my husband was along to at least tell me I wasn't making the worst choices ever! It may not be exactly what I pictured, but it is going to coordinate and actually function as a tree skirt.

Another item checked off the Getting Things Done list this month! Has anyone made their own tree skirt? Do you have any holiday tasks to finish this month?

P.S. I have to tell you I actually got out my Christmas tree while making this!! I need to make sure it was not too big or not too small, but just right. So I had to add putting tree away to my list. That's done, so yay!!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Getting Things Done: FAFSA Times Two

FAFSA. Free Application for Student Aid. Something to fill out each year if you have a student (or yourself) in college or about to go to college. Our oldest daughter is in her junior year of college, and our youngest daughter is finishing high school this year. That means I get to fill out the application twice this year.

I always dread it, but I did notice this year, much of it is pre filled. And there's the option to transfer information from your tax return. I really only needed the balance of our non retirement investments, cash, checking and savings account balances. Luckily I knew right where to find those.

The best part is I got another task done!! And way, way, way before the deadline. This is not something I wanted to be doing during the holidays.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Getting Things Done: Blood Draw

I despise getting blood work done. But it's the month of Getting Things Done, so I'm forcing myself to just get it done!!

Part of the reason I procrastinate is I've been known to faint. Thus I avoid the fainting. Luckily, I have learned over the years to advocate for myself. I must lay down every single time!! And I have to tell them what kind of needle to use (the smallest one they have).

As a good patient, I didn't eat after midnight and went in first thing in the morning. I was even early. Once the lab opened I was the first one to be seen. Yay! No extra waiting and worry.

The bad news was the lab tech picked the wrong vein to start with, but I agreed to a second poke with an even smaller needle and had success! Now let's hope that's done for at least another year.

Seriously?! What do you procrastinate (even if for a good reason)? Can you get it done? I feel so much better to have it off my list!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Getting Things Done: Sew Pillows

As you can imagine, I'm still loving my church pew! It's one of those things I'm so glad I finally finished and it makes me happy each time I see it. I decided to go an extra step and make pillows for

I found upholstery fabric on clearance for $7 a yard. I bought just one yard to make pillow covers they way Martha Stewart does here using the envelope method. I also bought two 16"x16" pillow form inserts for $3.49 each at Walmart. My total cost was just $14. 

I may change the fabric up for different seasons. They are very easy to whip up and swap out. Here's how they look on the church pew. 

Sorry a bit of a dark day for the photo, but you get the idea!

So this wasn't on my original list of things to get done this month. I just had to add it once I had the pew complete. And it still feels good to get right on with something I want to do rather than wait and procrastinate. 

Have you ever made your own pillow covers? What method do you use?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Getting Things Done: Memorabilia

My husband recently came home with a very nice gift from his colleagues. Technically now his former co-workers. It is a framed matted photo, a unit patch and metal placard. It also was signed on the mat by all of his coworkers.

It seemed only right that it should be hung on the wall somewhere in our home. That part was actually super easy, I moved another picture to our dining room and hung this one in it's place.

The part that was more of a task, was getting a new frame for a certificate he earned in the last year. He has a similar one that is also framed (but never hung). Luckily, we remembered where we bought the frame and found one that was very similar.

Yea...nice photo of the lights!!!

I can now say the newest gift and both certificates are hung! What is even more satisfying is how much my husband appreciates my effort to make sure they were displayed. I had no idea it would mean so much. And really it was simple!

I tell you this Getting Things Done does have rewards I wasn't expecting. Has that happened to you? And surprises in how you felt after getting something marked off your list?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Things Done: Cleaning the Fridge

Thanks for following along with my Getting Things Done series! I'm sharing my tasks, but I don't want you to lose focus on what you are trying to accomplish. If cleaning the fridge is not on your list, ignore that part of my post. Focus on my completion of something on my list. I want the same for you. Completion or progress on what you want to get done in October!!

After my morning walk, I decided to do a quick wipe down of the fridge. I'm usually cleaning it out every three months, but I think it may have been longer this time around. It really wasn't too bad, but it was time again.

My plan was simple. Pull items off one shelf, wipe down with soap and water, dry, and put things back. I repeated this for each individual shelf and drawer. Unfortunately, this task took a little longer than usual because I chose to do it the day after buying groceries! It goes much faster just before buying groceries.

Here's the after pics:

Nice and clean shelves!!

I have to say thank you for following along with me this month. I'm motivated to get my list done just because I know you are each reading and following along with your own tasks. It's a win for all of us!

Tell me about what you are getting done either here in the comments, or on the Organized Friends Facebook Group. I will cheer you on! We can get things done this month if we keep our focus.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Getting Things Done: Documentation Mailed

I'm not going to go into to much detail about this task for personal reasons. But are you ever dealing with an organization and you need to send documentation to result in some favorable outcome for you? That is my task.

The task isn't that hard. I have to fill out a form the organization provided, write a letter of explanation, and provide copies of four different documents. I've had the documents printed out for a week. The form was very straight forward to fill out. The letter took more time. And honestly, I first just wrote something to get started. And then I came back to it several times over the course of few days. I want to get it just right, ya know?

I did get the letter written. But then realized a family member forgot to sign one of the documents. And then...I realized I had ten pages to mail, so I needed send in a larger envelope and to have it weighed at the post office for correct postage.

But its done! Checked off the list.

This one really feels good to get done. We are expecting positive results!