Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2018 Decluttering: More in the Kitchen

I do this thing where I notice things need to be decluttered, or that I should let go of, but then do nothing about them. I guess that's procrastination in some form, huh?

Today I took action! 

I decluttered some things that I have noticed we no longer use or need in the kitchen. 

Here are a few things you are seeing in that pile: cheese grater, a large bowl, an old sauce pan with lid, a springform pan (maybe used once), a sugar bowl, cookie cutters, containers without lids, a book and a stainless steel water bottle with an uneven bottom. And yes, some trash and things for recycling, including expired medication! 

I didn't count everything, but I'm counting this pile as 31. 

That brings me to an even 100 items decluttered in 2018. Just 1918 left to go! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 Decluttering: Kitchen Towels & More

I posted some books on eBay the other day. They had been stacked up in our guest room waiting for me to get the motivation to list them. Luckily, the listing time went pretty fast, once I made up my mind to just do it! I will count each of those items once they actually leave!

I decluttered the kitchen towels after receiving a few new ones for Christmas. I found eight towels and four dishcloths. And then there were a few other miscellaneous items that had been tossed in my towel pile. So time to count those.

All together another 15 items decluttered in 2018.

New total as of this writing is 69!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Quick Decluttering: Junk Drawer

I don't think of myself as having a true junk drawer. Over the years I have found places for what might be put in a junk drawer. The closest thing I have right now is an overflowing desk drawer. I really have been tossing things in the there over the last few months!

So I timed myself and took pictures to share with you on my desk drawer progress!



I found a several pieces of paper to recycle, a keyring to donate and a packet of seeds to give away. Counting this as three items out!

The stuff below needed to be relocated to other areas of our home. 

And this little project took me eight minutes. I thought that was a bit longer than needed, but I sure had a case of I can't decide on some of the items. I think I kept some things I should get rid of...but for now it is what it is. 

What could you declutter in eight minutes? Do you have a junk drawer or some other spot you toss 'junk'? 

Monday, January 8, 2018

First of 2018 Decluttered Items

I have started the decluttering for 2018!

We found seven Christmas tree ornaments and three children's picture books while packing up our holiday decorations that we no longer desire to keep. That's 10!

The last item shown on the left is my wall calendar from 2017. It's going into recycling! I decided to try a year without a wall calendar. I do have a calendar on my phone and computer that should help me keep track of time! 

Eleven items decluttered. Just 2007 to go! 

Did you declutter anything yet for 2018? 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Decluttering 2018 Items in 2018

Decluttering is definitely a part of being organized. And so many of us, jump on in January hoping to make this our year. And I really hope we all do! I have found it helps to have some sort of plan to make it happen.

I have seen people choose a room or rooms that need to be worked on. Others look to spend a certain amount of time per day or week decluttering. And some of us choose a number to focus on.

I'm choosing a number.

My plan is to declutter 2018 items!

Yes, that is a lot of stuff. And I'm nearly a minimalist, so I will admit it seems daunting. But I can't make it if I don't try. And I definitely won't look at it as failing if I don't reach or exceed that number. Anything that leaves our home that we no longer need is a good thing.

I found a chart (which is comprised of two pages) for checking off 2018 boxes. It can be downloaded free by providing your email here at Nourishing Minimalism. The rules are basically your own for how you count each item. I do know that if I'm doing files, I will likely count each and every piece of paper. I will not count mail or regular trash and recycling. I will count a box if it has been stored for awhile. I do have a couple of big items that if I actually do get rid of I will count as more than one item. I will probably make notes about those on the back of my tracking sheets.

You are more than welcome to join me in counting the items you declutter! And you can sure share any decluttering successes you have whether you are counting or not.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Decorations Are Put Away

Christmas is put away!

We took down our Christmas decor over the course of two days. It's not that it took that much time, but we had other things going on.

Our first task was to take down our second tree. We packed all the items, except, the bulbs into the tree box itself. Those items were the tree, stand, tree skirt, lights, extension cord, ribbon and beaded garland. My husband helped with this one and it went really fast, probably 20 minutes at the most.

The next step that we did on the same day was to take down our outdoor decorations. That involved getting out a ladder to take down the globe lights we hang around the porch ceiling. We packed the lights and extension cords in bin. There was an artificial wreath on our fence that we packed in the same bin. And finally, we have a tomato cage tree. We keep this intact all year long, to include the lights, berries and pine cones. So we simply moved it from the porch to the shelving in the garage. I was also helped by my husband for this task. It likely also took just 20 minutes.

On New Year's Eve we took down our main Christmas tree. I had everyone in the household help remove ornaments. I was in charge of wrapping the breakable ornaments in tissue. I have several zipped clear bags that I then stuff these into. Other ornaments go into boxes, those that are not breakable are not wrapped in tissue to save time. And then all items get placed into two bins. In these same two bins we store our nativity puzzle, tree skirt and lights for main tree, the stockings and mantle hangers. I had taken these down the day before and started packing them away. The final tree took longer since there were more ornaments and tissue wrapping was involved.

I did make the point to let go of a few ornaments and some picture books as we put things away.

Did you get your Christmas decorations put away? Did you declutter any of your decorations?

Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Successes

I just reread nearly all my posts that I wrote this year. I sure wasn't a regular writer, but I did accomplish some great things around our home.

First, I decluttered 27 bags of items we no longer used or needed! The goal was 30. And in reality, I did eventually declutter more than 30 bags, but I just didn't record that here on the blog. The 30 bags was a helpful goal to keep me motivated to find more things to let go of. It also helped to see physically how much extra we really have in our home. All those small bags added up!

Second, I learned new cleaning routines. I watched people on YouTube explain how cleaning with the FlyLady worked for them. I tried it out and it was quite successful. I'm not perfect at the method. In fact, I'm taking December off, but I see the benefits it can provide. I think the result was getting things cleaned a little more regularly around here, and noticing that it doesn't take more than 15 minutes a day.

I was tremendously successful in October when I posted my Getting Things Done series. I did a few sewing projects, made appointments, got my wedding ring repaired, did cleaning tasks I was procrastinating and even painted a church pew! I was most pleased with my ring repair and the church pew. I don't know if that series inspired you or not, but it sure helped me to write about it and make a goal to accomplish all those things in one month.

And finally, I had another successful year planning ahead for Christmas. Starting in November has made December so much more relaxing. I've been out in the stores in the days before Christmas because of other needs (not Christmas shopping) and while I'm in the midst of the busy shoppers, I am not feeling that stress that I expect so many are. I will always plan ahead in November from now on, waiting until the final weeks of December is just too much pressure and stress. I encourage you to make some notes about your Christmas this year that could help you next year.

I know that 2018 will likely bring more decluttering as we could have another move by the end of the year. I will keep tweaking my cleaning routines for efficiency. I'm sure I have tasks to add to a new Getting Things Done list, although no promises it will be a series here on the blog. And most definitely, I will plan for Christmas in November of 2018!

What goals do you have for your home and life in 2018?