Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Coffee Pot

It's Spring! Time to clean out the coffee pot.

This is probably at least a month or quarterly task, but I'm ashamed to say it has been too long since I did a clean out of our coffee pot. I'm probably old school with a drip coffee maker, since Keurig's are all the rage now. 

I filled the decanter will half water, and half vinegar and ran it through a brewing cycle. 

I even put in a filter which did accumulate a few little bits, but may not have been needed.

The reading I did online recommended stopping the brewing cycle half way through to let the vinegar water mixture set. I did do this for one cycle, but ended up doing a couple more and skipped that portion on the last two times. The area that really needed cleaning was the water reservoir. I had to put a paper towel down there and move it around with a butter knife to get in the crevices. The final step is too run plain water through it one last time.

Do you clean your coffee brewing system regularly? If not, spring is a great time to get it done. Maybe you could do this one night during dinner preparations. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Minimalism: My Clothes

Want to look in my closet? Want to see how unfashionable I am? Let's go take a look. 

Remember, I don't work outside the home, so my need to dress up is nearly non existent. First notice that I have five pairs of shoes in my hanging shoe holder. I have a pair of sneakers, too, that are not shown. I honestly would like to add at least one pair, as I did just let one go sometime in the last month with all this decluttering. Those shoes were just too worn to be wearing any longer! 

As you can see, I hang my workout shirts because in my world all shirts get hung on hangers. Try to look close and see how few hangers there really are. That will give you an idea about the clothes I have. I didn't count them, as it isn't about the numbers for me. It's about having just what I need. 

On the shelves above my clothes are shorts, capris jeans, and my pajamas. Notice how those aren't full? Just enough. 

Now let's look in my under things drawer. I spared you the view of my underwear! Lots of socks and just a couple bras. I do laundry regularly, so no worry about running out. :)

This is the last spot you would find my clothes, the second drawer of my dresser. Workout pants and shorts, long underwear tops and bottoms, fleece pants and my swimsuit! 

What do you think? Enough clothes? Not enough? Too much? 

It is a personal decision, but I like that what I have doesn't feel like clutter. I can easily find what I need when I need it. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Not Minimalism: Lotion

A quick Saturday post to point out a stash of lotion in my daughter's bedroom that I would not consider to be minimal. I personally own two containers. From what I can see she has 9! (And two lip balms.)

I kind of wonder how long it will take her to use all this up? Will it go bad before she does? This is just what I notice to be an excess.

If you find you have some excess, why not declutter it and free up some space in your home?

Have a super Saturday!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Decluttering Bag by Bag: Bag 25

Decluttering Bag by Bag

Confession: This might be considered half a bag. But I've decided a don't care, I'm counting it because it is still stuff leaving our home!

Three men's t shirts, a movie, a whisk and a spatula. Six items going out of our home for good! The movie helps offset a couple more we have acquired in the last month. :)

I like the spatula and it still works, except...that water leaks from the handle while I'm using it. So water from the dishwasher is getting inside and then leaking back out onto something I'm mixing. Ick! It has to go.

Only five more bags to go to reach my goal of 30. It's getting long and I'm starting to wonder if I will make it, although I do know there is no deadline, so it's bound to happen at some point, right? 

I hope the series has been inspiring for you. It really doesn't take much to fill a small bag. In fact, as you have seen from this post, six items count, and filling half a bag counts. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the excess that we no longer use or need. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Getting the Gunk out of the Drain

We have a stall shower in our bathroom. That drain gets kind of gross under that metal piece (I don't know what to call it). And because it is screwed in, it doesn't get cleaned out too often. As part of my spring cleaning, I decided to take a few minutes to get that yucky task done.

I had a bag nearby in case I pulled up hair. Luckily, there was very little in there. I bought a drain screen that I put down over each time I shower to catch most of my hair. It works really well! I used some scrubbing bubbles to scrub the back side of the metal piece and the white part of the drain that is visible and easy to get to once the cover is off. 

It looks so much better, and only took about ten minutes including gathering my supplies and returning them. Unfortunately, one of the screws fell down the drain! So be careful, if you do your own. I will be buying a new screw to replace the one I dropped. 

Do you do any drain cleaning as part of your spring cleaning?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spring Cleaning: Bedding & Throw Blankets

As part of my somewhat random spring cleaning this season, I realized I really, really needed to wash our throw blankets. I know some have been washed more than others. I guess you don't need the stories about each of them and possibly how dirty they were. The point is I washed them all. Just one load. And then two tumbles through the dryer on the low setting. I used low heat since one of those is handmade. 

I also make a point each spring (and often fall) to fully clean all the bedding. I can say now that the master bedroom quilt and shams are clean once again. Up next, will be my daughter's bedding. I'm throwing in the mattress pad, her quilt and a blanket she uses regularly. We used to use very thick comforters in the winter when we lived in the Midwest. I would take those to the laundry mat at least twice per year.

Now I don't usually wash pillows. I have washed some in the past, but they get lumpy. I tend to buy very cheap pillows at Target. Then every two yeas,  I just toss them in the trash.  Maybe that is wasteful, but I figure it is healthier than using them far too long unwashed. I might try washing a few and see how it goes. If I do, I will let you know!

Do you make a point to wash all your bedding, such as comforters, blankets and throws in the spring? How many throw blankets do you own? Is five minimal or too many?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Decluttering Bag by Bag: Bag 24

Decluttering Bag by Bag

I'm filling up Bag 24 with shoes. 

My husband got one new pair, but had  two to let go of! One that he let go of was actually put in the garage for yard duty. So below is a very old pair of shoes he had been using in the yard. We are calling those trash! 

The other pair he is done with, but seem in fair enough shape to donate. 

Men's shoes fill up a bag fast. Turns out I can use the box for mailing an item I want to sell. 

Only six more bags of things needed to make my quota of 30 bags! I'm still wondering if I can do it. right now I sort of feel like I have found everything. But is that really true?