Monday, November 2, 2015

Christmas Gift List

I've started the Christmas gift list.

Our list of recipients is eight people. And yes, that includes myself.

I've already asked my girls to start thinking about what they would like. And they already have ideas, which is so helpful! I do need to remember to ask them for stocking stuffer ideas as well. They are old enough to give some input into what they want.

I have ideas for some of the others on our list. In fact, I already bought a gift for one person! It was part of a fundraiser for my daughter's marching band. I wrote a check and the item will be mailed direct with a gift note we wrote.

That leaves my husband and I to decide what we want from each other. We do different things every year. Some years no gifts because we feel we have everything. Other years we decide on something to get ourselves we both would enjoy. And more often then not, we give each other a few ideas. My birthday is this month, so coming up with new things to ask for can be challenging. I'm a fan of items that within the course of a month or at least a year get used up (or experienced). I like these types of gifts because they leave nearly zero clutter!

It feels good to have a plan for our gift giving!

When do you make a gift list? Are you giving to more or less people this year?

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