Wednesday, December 2, 2015

After Two Rounds of Wrapping

The picture below shows all of the gifts that have been wrapped at our house. (Two didn't make the picture). All other gifts are still on their way in the mail, so I'm caught up! It was sure easy to gather the gifts to be wrapped and pull out my wrapping station. I had my pen, tape, scissors, and gift tags all ready to go. I did have to go looking for a small box to fit a particular gift. I ended up using a small flat rate box from the USPS.

I've completed two sessions of wrapping at this point. I expect at least two more only because I think the shipments will be spread out over a couple weeks. I do like wrapping in shorter sessions only because it feel more enjoyable and isn't quite a marathon!

In addition to wrapping yesterday, I was able to get the sheets on our beds washed and put back on. That is one of my regular tasks that I do each payday (the first and the fifteenth). Routines help keep the house clean even during the busiest times. Of course, I realized I need to get dusting on a more regular schedule...not one of my favorites, but it does make a difference.

Have you planned when you will wrap gifts? Will it be in one session, or several? Do you have a routine that works for you? Please share! (There are more people that read than comment.)


  1. I have no wrapping routine, and in the past have always just wrapped things as they came into the house. I have knitted things that still need to be wrapped, but they are all hidden away somewhere, to avoid any "wrinkles" from being wrapped up for too long! Our first Christmas gift-giving is with my side of the family on the 19th, so there is still time (watch, I saw that, and then am scrambling to have it all done on the 18th, ha!).

  2. I'll wrap them as I go along, much easier that way