Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Decluttered

We took down our trees and put away all of our holiday our decorations today. And now it looks bigger and sparse in our home! I'm giving away two small gift bags and an ornament. I noticed in the process of putting away the ornaments that we had a lot of extra tissue and plastic bags. I think this is because I found several ornaments and decorations to let go of at the beginning of the season! How fun is that? And there was the empty box for the lights we bought this year. We put them away on a light holder that was empty. The box was recycled!

I purchased a bag for our tree to be stored in this year. The tree is about 30 years old and has been stored in its original box the entire time. The box isn't holding up well, so it is now being recycled. One item in, another item out! And I actually think we could get both trees in the bag. Might fix that at some point.

All cut up and ready to be recycled!

I'm also going through our Christmas cards. I think nearly all of them are going to be recycled. There is one I really like, that I think I may keep and put in a frame for next year's holiday decorating (it's on the left in the picture below). I don't think I have a frame currently, but I'll be keeping my eye out for a good deal. And I'm keeping two photos received of family members. Other photos are going in the trash. I did love seeing them, but the reality is I will not do anything with the pictures in the future. Total number of cards recycled was approximately ten, with two photos going in the trash.

It feels good to be cleaned up from the holiday now that it is the new year. School for our youngest daughter starts on Monday, so we will be back to our routines. I need to get a meal plan for at least the next week planned, as I need to get groceries tomorrow to be ready for back to school.

Have you put away Christmas in your home? Did you get a lot of decluttering done in the last few days? Did you keep your holiday cards and pictures? If so, what do you do with yours?

I'm counting today's decluttering as 17. Year to date total is 18. 

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  1. I put away our little tree Friday! My mom was over, and joked that all my stuff was still up, while they put their decorations away the Saturday after Christmas (because, that's just how my mom does things!). So, while she was over, I took and put it back in the closet (it's small enough to just sit on the closet shelf, no taking down the "decor" on it necessary!). The lights, though, are staying up, as they are actually quite handy - we can leave them on in the evening and trek from the office to the kitchen without having to turn on anything else, as well as it being just enough light to watch TV and knit by!
    I am, however, keeping all of the Christmas cards I got. I added them into my December Daily project in a pocket in the back and am glad to have a good place for them. Christmas cards was a big deal for me this year, so saving them only seemed appropriate! :D