Monday, March 28, 2016

Fast and Simple Cleaning Ideas for Spring

My younger daughter is on spring break this week, so I get to spend time with her. I'm hoping one of the days will allow us to peek into her room for items that we can let go of and sell at our yard sale that is coming up. And if she just wants to hang out, I'm hoping to tackle a few more cleaning tasks. I made a short list earlier in the month that you can read here.

I'm expecting many of these items will only take five to ten minutes of your time. So you might be able to squeeze these in even on a busy day. The time spent will make a difference!

  • Remove old magazines and newspapers for recycling
  • Clean your stove top
  • Wipe down the front of your dishwasher
  • Toss washable rugs in the washer
  • Wipe the dashboard in your vehicle
  • Clean out your purse and/or wallet
  • Toss any old food hiding in your refrigerator
  • Declutter the top of your night stand 
  • Dust a lampshade (I use a sticky type lint roller)
  • Wipe the front of your television
  • Clean at least one section of your sliding glass door 
  • Wipe the door knobs of the door you used the most
  • Wash and put away heavy coats if it seems the cool weather has past
  • Vacuum a bedroom
  • Sweep the the laundry floor
  • Clean the kitchen faucet
  • Gather up all pens and pencils throughout the house
  • File a few pieces of paper you been neglecting
  • Clean off the TV stand or coffee table
  • Declutter old toiletries from bathroom or closet
  • Take charity items to your car, so you can drop off next time it's convenient
  • Review one food cupboard for expired foods
  • Review medicines for expiration
  • Clean one toilet
  • Review what you store in your shower 
  • Wash one or more throw blankets
  • Declutter the items on the front and sides of refrigerator
  • Clean the bathroom mirror
  • Clean the bathroom sink
It's so easy to put off cleaning and decluttering because we have convinced ourselves we don't have time. It's true that cleaning a bathroom fully might take thirty minutes, but cleaning the mirror and a toilet may only take five. A little bit of effort does add up to making a difference. If I remember, I'll chime in later in the week with the small tasks I completed!

What other small or fast tasks do you do on a regular basis?

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