Friday, December 16, 2016

It's the Holiday, But...

the cleaning still needs to be done! Boo. Most of us don't particularly like to clean. I decided to take advantage of my semi empty refrigerator and freezer and get it cleaned. I find it so much easier to get it done fast, less than 30 minutes, if I have less items to move. On this particular day, I knew I wouldn't find anything old or expired as I keep on top of that for the most part.

I moved items on top to the shelf below and vice versa as I went to cleaning each surface and drying it off. I did take out the two middle drawers and washed them in the sink. After the fridge was done I wiped off the drawers in the freezer. I found this pretty quick as I'm just a day or two from shopping, so my freezer wasn't too full. I completed the entire thing in 25 minutes! 

I recently made a change to where we store our apples, since our drawers are often filled with vegetables. I did try a bowl on the shelf, but there were too many to fit just one bowl. That is when I spotted this open space, a bin like shelf, on the bottom of our side door. Just perfect for the apples! 

I wrote a post about two months ago about how I clean my refrigerator every quarter. Yet, clearly this time I did it earlier and it did need it. So maybe it is a bi monthly task. I think really there are no hard and fast rules. Either works! 

Do you have cleaning tasks you will do before or after the holiday? Are you skipping any you might normally do? 

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