Tuesday, January 31, 2017

To Do List Turns My Procrastinating Around

I found myself being irritated at a few things I wasn't getting done around our home recently. I decided it was time to make a list. I went around the house to each room, trying to notice and remember all the little things that have come to my awareness in recent weeks.

Some examples of things I put on the list:

  • Put screw back in dining room chair
  • Water plant
  • Put away red blanket
  • Change remote battery
  • Wipe kitty nose prints off window
  • Throw away dead plant
Notice how those are really simple tasks. I wasn't doing them. I was just noticing them and thinking about it in my mind over and over when they came into my awareness. Finally, I really just had enough of holding those to do items in my mind. It was time to get them on paper and to start tackling each one when I had a couple moments. 

I made the list on Sunday. I will tell you I did add several things that will take far longer than watering a plant. One such item is to trim two clematis plants. Another is to paint a small area on our master bedroom wall that seems to have an oil stain from something!? The best part is I've started tackling the list! Of course, I did start with some of those easy tasks, simply for motivation. It feels so good to cross things off a list. 

In fact all of those items above are done! I bet combined they took me less than ten minutes. Why do we procrastinate some of the easiest things sometimes? Maybe our mind likes something to do! I sure would like it to work on something more important than reminding me to throw away a dead plant. 

I will be working on more items from my list as the week progresses. And I hope to share one or two here on the blog with you in hopes that you may also find motivation to complete a few simple tasks you have been procrastinating too!

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  1. Good idea writing a list. I should do that to motivate me