Thursday, February 2, 2017

Kitchen Drawer Reorganization

Did you read my post about the crumbs in my kitchen? I did end up doing a little decluttering and reorganization in one drawer of my kitchen during that process. It's the drawer below with primarily silverware. I figured you might like a little inspiration to fix a trouble area in your home too! 

This drawer has a lot in it. It is a bit hard to see, but I have a full set of very sharp Cuisinart knives in the back right corner that we acquired around Christmas. The are laying on top of a cheese grater, and have some serving spoons mixed in. It is a mess!! 

I did pull EVERYTHING out of this drawer since I wanted to get the crumbs out of the drawer and all the containers. That is when it was very clear I had too much in the drawer, and some of it we weren't even using on a regular basis. The photo below has two piles of items. The items on the left are items I decided to let go of. The items on the right needed to be out of the drawer as they are rarely used.

I found an empty container in my garage and placed those rarely used item inside. The container is only one third full, so the bin is a little big. But it will do!

The nice thing is there is a cupboard below this drawer, and it has empty space for this bin. The items will be close by and easy to access when they are needed. That space only became empty in the last week when I decided four cake pans was excessive! 

And here is the after of my silverware drawer. So much better! I do see a few things that could probably be added to the bin below the drawer, but I'm going to try this for now and see how it goes. 

One of the podcasts I was listening to while doing this task mentioned knife organizers for drawers. I might look into one of these at some point. I believe they can be easily removed and taken with us when we move. 

Do you have any items in your most used kitchen drawer that need to be removed for easier use? Can you relocate them? 

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