Friday, January 31, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 10

It's Day 10 in the Ten Days of Decluttering series!

Today I stepped out into our garage for about 15 minutes and looked in a few bins on the hunt for clutter!

Here's some basic photos of our single car garage, where we rarely park a car despite having room for it!

I focused my efforts primarily on that shelf above the red Christmas storage bins. I also briefly reviewed the other shelves without going into bins. 

I found some things that can go!

Like boxes from phones...which will add to our recycling bin!

Then I looked in these three bins:

I found a can of spray paint and these gloves that can go. I have two other sets I like better. I kept just one set of disposable gloves since the odds of needing them are very low. Not much, but it counts!

I'm also letting a lantern go, a dead crock pot and a small air purifier we no longer need. 

That blue bin above has a few items I previously decluttered. Time to get it all packed up for a charity drop off! There might be a few items I have decluttered in the last ten days that I will attempt to sell on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

Whew!! Ten Days, Ten Spaces was a success!

I hope you noticed that the time I spent was minimal and for the most part I kept the spaces to areas I could complete in a short time. If you closets are packed full you may need to limit your space to one shelf or half a shelf at a time. All the effort adds up and eventually you will start to notice a difference!

Thanks for joining me! Share anytime your decluttering efforts on our Organized Friends Facebook page. 

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