Sunday, May 24, 2020

Create An Oasis of Calm

Hello Organized Friends!

My writing motivation went away for awhile, but today, I feel like giving you a few ideas to create an oasis of calm inside your home, where I suspect many of you are spending a lot of your time! Stressful and chaotic environments create stress in the body, which has a major impact on our immune system and for many of us our mental health. We all want to be our healthiest right now, right?

The following have been game changers for me in the last couple days:

  • I turned on music! I've listened to piano and Native American flute music for a hour or so at a time. While it's on I feel a bit like I'm at a spa! For me, something without lyrics is best to create calm, but songs with lyrics are a nice change of pace too.
  • I started up our essential oil diffuser with oils specifically called Relax and another called Worry Free. I also have a Germ Fighter one that is very nice as well. 
  • I've shut off my computer and set my cell phone away from me for good portions of the day. 

My normal routine does include walking outside in the mornings. We get Vitamin D this way which is very important for a healthy immune system. I find that nature is grounding and we have been very lucky to have warm weather in my southern location. If your weather doesn't allow a walk, you might consider stepping out on your porch, deck or driveway for five minutes and gaze at the sky. Or if that doesn't appeal, consider opening a window for ten minutes to bring in fresh air.

I'm making the intention to tidy up more frequently. A clear countertop and table are not always possible, but if I take a few minutes a couple times a day, I find this relaxes my mind and helps the spaces in our home seem calmer.

I've done some art! I made a few watercolors which I added some inspiring words to. I also made a vision board (you can find out more about those on YouTube). I've read an inspirational book. We have watched more comedy (stand up and sitcoms) and found out that Mary Poppins Returns is an excellent movie!

Calm is not just about our physical spaces, but how we feel in our minds. What thoughts are you having about the events of the world, new work environment, spending more time with family? If any of those thoughts are negative, can you turn them around? One of the mantras that calms my mind is "everything is always working out for me".  Are you in a state of gratitude for the current health of your family, that you have food, that you have a safe place to be?

I've spent some time on our back porch, enjoying the geckos playing on the fence, the green grass and potted plants. I've sipped my coffee, water and eaten breakfast in this space.

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