Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 9

It's Day 9 of the Ten Days of Decluttering series.

The space I'm reviewing today is a hall closet on our lower level.

Here's the before pictures:

Yep, not a lot in there, but I need to look at the games and this art supply bin:

And I will look in here, too.

This was a pretty quick review, likely around ten minutes. 

And it yielded more than I thought that can go! 

Paper, paint and brushes and glue all can go!

Above, I found a puzzle and dominoes that we haven't used in years!! Quite a few years to be honest!

The rest may be hard to see, but I'm letting go of a new toothbrush, a grout cleaning tool, expired bug spray and sun lotion. The light bulb is used and needs to be relocated until I can get to a place that will recycle it. 

The less we buy, the less we keep seems to make for empty closets! I really don't have enough to put in there do I?

Can you declutter a space today? Do you have ten minutes to review a space? I'm cheering for you! 

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