Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 5

It's Day Five in the Ten Days of Decluttering series.

I made a list at the beginning of this series of ten spaces I would declutter. Today, on the list is my section of our master bedroom closet. Yes, those are all my hanging clothes. I really am a minimalist!

This task took less than ten minutes!

 There were a few hard decisions because I'm so minimal it's hard to let go of something (even something with a hole in it) because I don't have a replacement. That is the case with cardigan sweater. I have already stitched it up previously, so I think it best it goes now that all that work is coming undone. I will make note to replace it and a couple other items. 

I found a brand new pair of shoes and decided now was the time to swap them out with my old pair! 

Items I let go of:
  • Three store hangers
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Box from the new pair of shoes
  • A dress
  • A tank top
  • Cardigan sweater
  • T-shirt
  • Sleeveless blouse
Do you think you have some things in your closet you no longer wear, have stains, rips or tears? Maybe some items are dated, or no longer fit? Ten minutes of your time can free you of those items! I'm cheering for you!

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