Monday, January 27, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 6

Today is Day Six in this Ten Days of Decluttering series! Thanks for stopping by!

Let's talk paper!

The picture below is the files we have in paper form. Okay there is a similar amount in the drawer below, but those are all my husband's work papers for the military. We are keeping those!

I did two very large paper purges in the past, which I documented here on my blog. Search paper and you should find all of them. The papers that remain there are things such as birth and marriage certificates, some health records, two large files of our daughter's school keepsakes, receipts for large purchases, passports and social security cards, voter registration cards, titles for our vehicles, tax returns (7 years), college records, one year's worth of car maintenance receipts (we record older records in an Excel file), rabies certificate for the cat and I'm sure a few more items!

We have very few manuals as we use as a place to find and bookmark manuals we think we might want access to in the future. We rarely need them.

The goal of today's declutter session was to go through the first two files. One is for receipts and manuals, the other is a generic file that holds quite a few random things that I expect to need longer than a year (many of the things listed above). 

I found eight pages/receipts that can go. Old car registration receipts, receipts for old phones, contact lenses, and a drill. Not much, but this kind of review done often results in just a few things each time. I love that we no longer keep a lot of paper compared to what we did years ago! 

I have about four other car maintenance receipts from 2018 that I think we will confirm we recorded and then shred. 

Do you have a space you can declutter today? Just take five or ten minutes and see what is obvious and can go. A little effort on a regular basis makes a big difference over time! I'm cheering for you!

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