Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 7

Today is day Seven in the Ten Days of Decluttering series! Remember it's ten spaces, in ten days. You do this decluttering challenge your way. You pick the spaces!

I chose to decluttering my kitchen drawers for today. I expect to find several things that can go!

Here are some before pictures:

Make note above, I have three drawers below the one on the right to look at. 

Time to fill this one up with more cat food! 

Utensils! Do you use all of yours? 

Knives and plastic wrap...fun stuff!

Here's what I found to pull out of all those drawers:

I am tossing the empty tea box and the box tops. I will ask my daughter about the collection of tea tags. I'm relocating the lighter and the orange charger. I am donating 9 placemats, 9 cloth napkins, two wooden spoons and two knives. 

I didn't pull anything from several of the drawers, so here's just a look at the few I did take things from:

As I look at these pictures, I might move a few things from the left side of the drawer below, and swap them with the blender stick above. Which has me thinking of some other swaps I could make. Hmm...more on that in the future maybe! 

I created an empty drawer by getting rid of the placemats and napkins! I have an idea of what to put there. Stay tuned tomorrow for my plan.

Below is the drawer where removed those two wooden spoons from. Still a bit tight, but at least it seems to be all things I use! 

Do your kitchen drawers need some decluttering attention? Maybe just one drawer each night while you cook dinner? 

Let me know what space you worked on today! And thanks for following my Ten Days of Decluttering series. 

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