Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Ten Days of Decluttering: Day 8

Today is Day 8 in our Ten Days of Decluttering series.

I picked my lower kitchen cabinets for today's decluttering space.

Let's start with before pictures, then I will show you what I found.

Yikes! Look at this one...and thus the reason I knew this space needed some attention.

Here's what I'm letting go of:

Look at all those glass containers!! I was starting to hoard them, but wasn't finding a use. They can go! I put the cat food in the drawer (see yesterday's post). I emptied the plastic containers from the packaging and put those in an upper cupboard with other plastic containers. I'm recycling the cardboard packaging, tossing the glass (can't recycle it here). I will donate the cutting board (got new ones), and the black lunch bag. Oh, and the syrup down the drain, recycling the container.

Here's a review of the cupboards after:

I have made room for my Kitchen Aid mixer in that cupboard above. I moved the rolling pin, extra parchment paper and paper plates to that empty drawer I made yesterday. 

Cat food and the lunch bag came out of here. Empty space for I need more though?

And...two other cupboards have one less item as well. Not a lot but it is good to review every so often and see what can go! 

Do your kitchen cupboards need decluttering? Are there things in them that you are not using? Can you check one shelf or cupboard while you make dinner tonight?

Just two days left in this Ten Days of Decluttering series! Stay with me. We are going to finish January off right! 

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